Music Piracy

The amount of pirated music available on the internet is rapidly increasing. This is directly linked to Record Companies losing out on billions of dollars and thousands of jobs. To read more about this click here.

When looking at music piracy two types can be examined. One is the illegal download of a music file and the other is the unauthorised duplication and sale of print music. The music industry have been fighting a piracy battle for many years now. The industry has been going after website and software developers and customers in court. One of the leading countries in the sale of pirated music cd’s is Taiwan. As one of the leading countries with technology, and the great availability of cd burners and the internet, pirated cd’s are being sold for 15% of the legal price.

Dollarish, a blogsite creates a parody about music piracy

As a part of the battle the music industry is facing the idea of prosecution and also questioning consumers moral and ethical thoughts for illegally downloading music or engaging in purchasing pirated copies. There is a perceived risk of prosecution when the customer decides to take part in illegal downloading. Taking illegal music is causing an infringement in the copyright law and can in turn end in prosecution. Another is an ethical dilemma when a person decides to ‘take’ pirated music illegally. It is thought that the higher level of moral understanding the less likely someone is to engage in the illegal downloading of music.



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