Up and Coming Artists

The ability to download music online is having a positive affect on up and coming, unsiged artists.

By uploading their music online, unsigned artists have a way of getting their music out into the world and having it heard by many people. Free downloading websites such as MySpace, YouTube, lime wire and so on, have provided a great way for independent artists to get their break into the music industry. The website Unsigned provides a free space on the internet where unsigned artists and bands can place their music for the masses to download.

Source: http://www.unsigned.com/images/about/300x250_unsigned.gif

Without the ability to download music online many of these young artists would never have their music heard. MySpace music and YouTube are also well known websites were new artists can upload their music in order for it to be downloaded by the masses.

The simplicity of placing original music online for the purpose of download is the best way for artists looking to be signed to a record label to have their music heard therefore online distribution of music is a positive thing for these people.

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